Transfer of Management Methods from Aviation

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 Aviation has learned to stay on top of unexpected turbulence - We know the Toolbox

During the last 100 years aviation has experienced a successful development. From gliding flight to high-tech aircraft flying became more and more safe. Aircraft that were said to be highly hazardous are counted among the safest transport devices worldwide today.

Airborne Management has analysed and adapted the succesfull concepts from aviation in order to generate learning effects and better success for your enterprise. These concepts enable you to anticipate the unexpected and take safe decisions.


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Our customers are

  • Managing Directors

  • CEO´s

  • Assistants of the CEO

  • Members of the Directorate

  • Risk Managers

  • Members of the Management Committee

  • Executive Managers from all Departments

  • Project Leaders

  • Project Merchands

  • Controller

  • Junior Executive Managers

  • Accountants

  • Tax Accountants

  • Corporate Consultants